Day 1- An Introduction

I, finally, decided to blog!!

After all these years of contemplating, I finally have a blog. Yay!!

When I say years, I mean, YEARS. I used to write a diary but that was ruined for me when a certain ‘someone’ at home decided to let my mom know that I had a diary where I wrote my thoughts (mainly gibber(rubb)ish). And then what followed can only be defined as third degree torture. Not like anything there was a big secret, it was just my view on many things of which a few were a little controversial.

Anyway. let bygones be bygones.

Everyday is a new day.

It’s like water under the bridge.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Forgive and forget.

Preaching to the choir (I know, I know. it doesn’t make sense. I just like this one!).

Enough for now, I guess.


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