Good Morning?

Today, I woke on time but ended up leaving late from home because of some work that I had to do which could have been told to me to get it done the previous day. I run to get ready for work only to find that all my trousers are in the wash. End up wearing jeans to work even though there is a no-casuals HR policy. Rush to the main road, only to find no rickshaw willing to go to the station. Finally, one agreed reluctantly and I run to catch my train. But if you would notice the pattern, nothing seemed to be working right so I ran to the wrong platform and missed my train and a step. Bam! I fall almost on my face on an almost empty platform which meant that the spectacle that I was early in the morning was not hidden by a crowd and ended up entertaining people on the other platform. Run up the bridge and still miss the train (surprise surprise). Enter the train and I am at the door thinking that it couldn’t possibly get any worse now. I had to be proved wrong. It rains and along with the rain, tears. And in my heart, I asked God, ‘Why did it seem like I couldn’t catch a break?’. The only thing that seemed to be giving me any kind of respite from the many questions, confusion and silent wondering was the fact the I had God and today it felt like He too did not think it too important to make me feel taken care of, protected, loved. My heart felt sad. Like I had no hope.

Until, out of the corner of my eye, I seen a butterfly of the brightest blue. It didn’t matter that it was raining, he was flying. Probably, he knew that even though it was raining now and everything seemed gloomy, it was what was needed for the roots beneath the soil to grow deeper and stronger. It was what was needed for that now closed up bud to bloom. That flower on which he would rest on, drink of. Till then, he just kept pressing on through the rain.

Now, my heart is trying to find rest in knowing that He is causing me to grow. Even though it may seem hard to understand at the moment, that does not change the fact that God is watching over me. I may not be there yet but I am on my way.


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