Dance with me

Sway with me,

Step by Step.

Don’t let go.

I want you

to know me.

More than ever before.

My loverly,

Dance with Me, my darling. As I draw you into my arms, let go of every other thought, every worry and every anxiety. I will lead you on in this dance of love. This is our song. No dance form can define My steps. Just hold on to My hand and stay close. Follow My lead. Make a choice to be led by Me and let go of all inhibition. It is me, your Jesus. I am yours and you are Mine.

I made you for a time like this. Not any earlier but for ‘now’. I love you and every little thing about you. Things that even you do not know about you. You are My pride and joy.


Lover of your Soul

P.S.: I really do love you!

(This is an extremely old post I had written on another almost forgotten blog. Just thought I should put  it here.)


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