Death to My Writer’s Block

It has taken two years and 9 months to bring myself to sit down in front of my laptop and write again. The last time I wrote was in April of 2011. Call it writer’s block or getting too caught up in this new phase of my life (now that I am married); something sure had changed.

Writers block

To be honest, there were a few incidents that occurred along the way that had rattled my confidence. Harsh words, constant comparison to others, self-criticism at its worst which finally resulted in fear like I had never experienced before. The one thing that I thought I was good at was snatched away from me by these unwanted thoughts that began to fill in my head. Instead of being inspired by what I saw and heard, I began to cower away from the possibility of creating anything at all because I was so afraid of being wrong or not good enough. I continued to work as an editor and proof reader for projects by other people but I was unable to write anything that I could call my own.

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