The Big Break-up!

He was so proud of His creation. All of heaven echoed with the voice of an extremely happy Father. With a beaming smile, He would proudly speak of him.

“This is my creation. My son! I formed him with my own two hands.”

“Have you heard him speak? He says the smartest things.”

“He thinks just like me! The other day, I asked him to name the animals and he called them exactly what I would have wanted to name them.”    

“My daughter is such a stunning beauty! There is no other suitable enough for her but my son”

“I see in them a love that bubbles inside of me. They finally get me. I am Love.”

“O, I can’t wait till I go back to see them again. We have the best time just walking in the garden.”

Every day they walked together with Him. They shared their heart with each other. There was no obstacle or veil between them. There was an unadulterated transparency and dependence on Him. They had everything that they needed in that garden for their sustenance. Moreover, they had the One who created them so lovingly and provided all they needed to live.

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