Thoughts I Think

– Your revelation of God is relevant to your proximity to His throne.

– Man’s interruption has the potential to disrupt God’s intervention.

– Hell does not scare me as much as having to live separated from the Father.

– To die to self is to live.

– I cannot be who God wants me to be unless I begin to see myself through His eyes.

– Your desperation will propel you to fight whatever stands between you and His Presence.

– Hot or cold? Lukewarm is not an option.

– We are all called to be martyrs; some get the privilege of dying for Him, the others learn to die to self daily.

– If Jesus could give up His life for me, the least I can do is live for Him, entirely.

– Conformity to the world is a self-signed eviction notice from the presence of God.

– This gives me strength to stand, knowing that my heart, the center of my being, is in Your hands.

– Waiting on a sign from God? A sign from God is a reaction to your faith in action.

– Because God’s heart is set on you, He will see you through.

– Wherever you go, God’s presence goes with you but the question really is, will you go where He leads?

– Do not be satisfied with just being drenched in the rain. The end result has to be to bear fruit, otherwise it is all pointless!


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